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Red Dear Antler


Anyone can use this product and it is effective in regulating blood pressure. The pure extraction of Red Deer Antler from the cartilage of young horns of the deer makes this product nutritious and beneficial for the treatment of many diseases.

According to scientific studies, Red Deer Antler was used by the Romans and Central Europeans as a body nutrient for more than 2000 years. Eastern Medicine has used the Red Deer Antler as an herbal medicine for many centuries. One of it’s benefits is increasing strength. Other uses are that it helps women through some of the discomforts associated with menopause, it has anti-aging properties because it contains various minerals that are beneficial to the central nervous system. It contains 16 types of amino acids and is good for the treatment of back pain and impotence.

This product contains only the highest quality ginseng and antler material.  Because so much care has gone into selecting only the best materials for this product, Su Center is pleased to be able to offer this product to our customers. It has been found that if children are given this product before the winter begins, their immune systems will be strengthened.  Thus, they will be more resistant to ailments such as the flu or common cold and they will experience improvements in their overall health.  In many countries the red deer antler is known as the highly desirable product and is often used by athletes to enhance their performance by giving them more energy.. The many amino acids in the deer velvet contribute to increased health and vitality.  Scientists have confirmed the health benefits of red deer antler in our daily lives. Simply follow the directions regarding dosage and you can be assured there will never be any side effects.